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Stroke Rehabilitation Drakesboro

Stroke Rehabilitation Drakesboro

When searching for a facility that offers Stroke Rehabilitation Drakesboro there are certain amenities that you desire. These include care, comfort, location and insurance participation. Concordia Nursing and Rehabilitation-Maple can help your loved one relearn and strengthen with their dedicated and professional team of caregivers. These include the attending physician, medical specialists, nursing team, therapists, social workers, nutritionists and nursing assistants.

Together they work as a team to develop a care plan that is customized and specific to each patients Stroke Rehabilitation Drakesboro. Everyone contributes to the care and wellbeing of each patient right down to the delicious and nutritious chef inspired meals. Each meal provides the nutrition that is needed to rebuild, strengthen and provide energy for the tasks of therapy. The professional caregivers offer support, encouragement and inspiration. Concordia Nursing and Rehabilitation-Maple has been providing excellence in care to local communities and their residents for years with great success.

In fact, in the state of the art gym, miracles happen on a daily basis. For more information on Stroke Rehabilitation Drakesboro and all of the services provided by Concordia Nursing and Rehabilitation-Maple, simply click on the attached link http://www.maplehealthrehab.com/ . Or call and speak with the admissions representative regarding insurance participation, bed availability or to schedule to take a tour.